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Saturday, December 04, 2021
Shining His Light

Remembering Jeff Brock

Engineer Jeff Brock, Paul Hafer, and engineer Cliff Woodman standing at the
tower site in February 2002 during construction of the new WECC-FM!
Consulting engineer Jeff Brock reviewing the documentationas engineer Cliff
Woodman prepares the transmitter for the new WECC-FM to go on the air!

In Memoriam


We are very saddened at The Lighthouse WECC to learn that one of the finest consulting engineers on the planet has passed away.  Jefferson Brock had battled cancer for nearly a year, but friends say he passed peacefully surrounded by his family on Sunday at Emory Hospital.

Jeff Brock was Vice-President of the St. Simons Island Broadcast Consulting Firm, Graham Brock, Inc., as a partner with our friend Stu Graham.  Stu introduced us to Jeff in 2001 to provide us with some technical consulting and counsel regarding our FCC Construction Permit to build WECC-FM.  We had only one year remaining on our 3-year permit to build the new FM, and were needing a miracle to get it built or loose the FCC permit.   We’d hoped Jeff could provide expertise on how we could still get the station on the air in time.  However, Jeff, upon his first glance at our initial plans, observed that most of our signal would be covering the Okefenokee swamp, and then said, in a seemingly emotionless, yet charming dry manner that only Jeff could, “you don’t want to build that.”  Our hearts more than sank!  But, it was just a couple of weeks later that Jeff called Vickie and I to his office where he revealed his amazing plan that would vastly improve our signal to reach from Jacksonville, to Brunswick, to Waycross, and still cover the swamp!

Jeff’s inspired proposal would profoundly change and improve the previously planned broadcast signal for our new FM station, and would seem to almost require God to move Heaven and Earth for it to happen, but God was faithful and on March 17, 2002, WECC-FM signed on!

We are forever grateful that God connected us with this excellent and gifted engineer, whose vision and skill served to advance the ministry of God’s Word, and helped this Lighthouse to shine His Light much further!

Jeff Brock will be dearly missed.  Please join us in prayer for comfort and strength for Jeff’s family and loved-ones, and for his colleagues and co-workers at Graham Brock.


Paul Hafer