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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Shining HIS Light

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Program Guide

* 2 Minute Feature

6:00AM - WECC Music - Paul & Vickie Hafer (Honey & Honey)  
- Paul   - Vickie
6:30AM* - Lighthouse Sports - Dave Toliver (8:30AM)

7:30AM* - Living Well - Pam Smith
9:02AM -  Keep The Faith
10:00AM - 
WECC Music - Becky Burns    (Mon, Wed - Fri)
11:30AM* - Strong Faith - Jim Johnson
12:00PM - Focus on the Family
12:30PM - Enjoying Everyday Life - Joyce Meyer

12:45AM - WECC Music

1:00PM - WECC Music - Jeanine Kabasakalian (Mon - Wed)
                WECC Music - Kari Dent (Thu)
                          WECC Music - Martin Turner & Steve Curtis

1:30PM* - Hidden Treasures - Rick Arreola
3:00PM - WECC Music - Jimmy Kehoe 

6:00PM - WECC Music - Maria Kehoe (Wed - Fri)

                                                                               Martin Turner (Mon)

6:30PM* - C4 Connections - Ian Dent 

6:30PM - The Rock Bible Study (Tues) 

8:00PM - WECC Music -  Brian Jones

10:00PM - WECC Music - Mark McMillan


10:00AM - WECC Music - Robert & Becky Burns 

8:00PM - Musical Emporium - Brian Jones & Sierra Smith


7:00AM - Keep The Faith (Sun 6PM)

12:00PM - CCM Radio Magazine
2:00PM - 20 The Countdown Magazine - Jon Rivers


Other Ministry Features

These Program Features are heard through out the day at differing times, except as noted.

Back To Genesis
Breakpoint (9:30PM Weekdays)
Daily Light for Daily Living - Anne Graham Lotz
Decision Minute
Everyday Life with Lysa and Renee (10:30AM M-F)
For Real (2:30)PM (Mon - Fri)
Hot Spots with Skip Heitzig
Life Change Moments
Mission Network News (8:30PM M-Sa)
My Money Life (5:30AM & 7:30PM Weekdays)
Need HIM
Parenting Today's Teens
Plugged In Movie Reviews (Fridays 7:50AM & 3:30PM)
Seeking Him with Nancy Leigh DeMoss
The Lighthouse Report
UpWords with Max Lucado
Voice of The Martyrs
You’re Not Alone